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Creat an accoutn changes


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Hello All!


I am wondering if it is possible to change the information collected on the "create_account.php" page.


I have charity client and by law in this area they are not allowed to collect Gender or Date of Birth Information (in case of possible discrimination).


Is there a way to leave these off the create an account page or change them to something different? I don't neccessarily have to take the Database table out but just make sure these do not show up on the account page.


Thanks in advance!




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If you want a fast way to do it, just edit the create_account.php file and change the input types to hidden instead of text on the fields you want to remove. Then just make up a bogus value for them.




<input type="text" id="gender" name="gender" size="10">
change to
<input type="hidden" id="gender" name="gender" value="notfilledin">


Hope that helped :)



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Am I missing something? Why can't you just disable Gender and Date of Birth in admin?


Configuration -> Customer Details

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