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Using Flash on OSC


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Hi Everyone, First time poster here but I've been reading (and learning) allot from you folks recently. My issue is figuring out flash for my OSC site. I just opened it and want some basic .swf to load into the "Product Description" when I load my text and pics via HTML. Trying to keep it simple. :blush:


I've been reading through every post there is on this and still have no clue as to how I go about this. I tried loading "Flash_all_over_osc" into my html_output.php but the result was bad to say the least. I temporarily lost my site to never never land. Until I removed the code.


Any assistance would be appreciated and sorry for covering the same ground that many before me have tread.



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What exactly are you looking to do with flash? I have had good luck feeding flash XML files to generate dynamic content.

I'd just like to be able to add flash files to my product descriptions within the Categories/Products Admin section. It would be great not to have to continue to add code via FTP. If that can be done ?
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