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OSC Contribution to make Cafepress-like store?


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I am looking for a module that would give OSC functionality like CafePress. The primary concern is the ability for customers to upload images (and possibly apply the image dynamically to the stock items), and create items (preferably in their own store area).


Is there anything like this available for OSC? I really like OSC and would like to focus on one cart system if possible (might as well stick with the best if I can!) I have a customer running a brick and mortar "business merchandise paraphernalia" store and would like her own online store.


If this type of functionality is not currently available for OSC, can anyone recommend a good 3rd party piece of software that does this? I found WidgetPress which seems to be similar to what I am looking for, but I would like to see if there is anything better for a reasonable price.



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To clarify, while I am looking for something like CafePress, if that is not available maybe there are some modules/contributions that do similar things:


1) Customer Store Fronts (i.e. a customer can pick their "items" and offer it in their own store area)

2) Customer uploads

3) Other shopping carts, other than OSC, that can mee the bill?


Thanks :)

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no one has any ideas or suggestions?


closest thing I've come up with is the CCC contrib or the Upload Image contrib. However no OSC solution I've been able to find would actually allow you to dynamically preview the item.


branders.com is another good site that allows users to type in or upload their image/text and then preview it on the item itself. They appear to use javascript to make it happen but I'm unable to find much help in my Google searches.

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