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The e-commerce.

Layout Feedback


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ok, this is a webshop I made a couple of weeks ago. I don't own any store so I guess it's never going to be used. I would like to get some feedback of the layout though, it's always good to know what other ppl think.

The store is mainly written in swedish because there wasn't any point making it in english =) So, hit me with some feedback!

here it is


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I like it. It is nice, clean, and easy. It is a few pixels too wide for my screen (maybe 760 - 770 wide would be better), and everything on the left side very hard to read (it all touches the side of the screen), some cellpadding would help help.



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Thnx for the feedback!

I'll change the width and add some cellpadding later. Like I said, it's always good to get some heads-up =D

The menu is a modified contribution with the name "DHTML menu 1.0" .

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Really like the general layout. Not only is it clean and easy on the eye, but it fits well with the topic - which is always a bonus in my book. Great header image too. Amazing the difference this can make to a page.


Couple of niggles I spotted though:


You manufacturer images are all squashed when you do a search by manufacturer.


The use of stock buttons really looks odd on the page (e.g. "buy now).


This one is personal choice, but I always think that if you are not going to have much information on the page it is worth doing the product listings in columns. Usres can see more products "above the fold" and it just seems to balance the page out more.


Your product info pages are crying out for large images (possibly aligned left). Reckon they would work a treat on those pages.


Nice one though.

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