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Allow Multiple Rows in Shopping Cart.


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Hi guys,


I need some suggestions or help from people who are well-versed in the shopping_cart part of osCommerce or perhaps, the guys from the development team can give me some insight.


Currently, (from what i understand) shopping_cart.php uses product_id as a key to generate rows when a customer wants to display the shopping_cart. so if a customer buys 10 items of the same product_id, it will only show 1 row with the qty=10 in the shopping_cart.


what i'm looking for, is a way to generate multiple rows in the shopping_cart i.e.

if a customer buys 10 items of the same product_id, the shopping cart will show 10 rows of the same product and if the customer tries to change the qty of any of the 10 rows, it will still display only 10 rows unless the customer removes that row of products or updates an amount = 0;


As I know, this is currently impossible since product_id is being used as the key in sorting items that are being displayed and I have looked into the files that control all these i.e shopping_cart.php, product_info.php, application_top.php etc.


Is there any way I can go about doing this such that it is fast and safe or is there a contribution around that I can use to make this happen?


Please help, :D thanks :D

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