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Modify quick search to search mulitple fields


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Sorry in advance if this has already been asked. I have spent a good amout of time trying to get this figured out, but I can seem to nail it down.


First off, I admin an osc site that sells books. I have it already modified to have new fields for products (i.e. author, isbn, title, etc.).


How do I make the quick search box automaticly search through more than just the product title?


I know this will require more system resources, but we do not have a lot of customers at this time, so I would like to make this change.


If this has already been asked please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

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There is a contribution available which copies some fields from advanced_search.php page to the quick search infobox...so that search can be done in more than one fields like price from , price by, manufacturers etc.

You can change it to meet your requirements.

Best of luck.


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Which contrib is it? All the ones I have found just add price and category, and I don't want either of those.


I want it to search in title, author, isbn, and desc. all from the quick search box.

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