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Insidious image upload problem


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I am having an insidious problem adding images to new products in Admin. My ISP advised that it was a permissions problem and asked for a list of permissions and the files to which those permissions belong to.


I emailed him the instructions at osCDox under Chapter 2: Quick Start Guide. I believe my ISP set the permissions accordingly.


"Wow! Finally it works", I thought as I began adding images to new products. But then the images stopped appearing even after the message


Success: File upload saved successfully

appeared in the green background at the top.


Since then I have been able to sometimes add images, sometimes not. I have not been able to identify any kind of pattern or cause.


If anyone out there could lend some advice, I would be extremely grateful.



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Could be your connection.  If it slows or pauses during the upload it may time out.




I'm using a fast cable connection, so I would initially tend to discount the problem being in my connection. However, my image files are already on my ISP's machine. Could it be something to do with the functioning of their equipment? Just wild speculation, but that's all I can muster for now.



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