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Help again!


I want to know if it would work to substitute the "checkout Button" on the shopping cart page with the "Update" function and rename it to "Next" or "Continue" or something like that.

Reason: People are going to order at least 20 of one item. It they click 20 or more in the quantity box, then hit checkout, it goes back to 1 item.

They must click update in order to lock in the 20+ items. I don't think its intuitively obvious for the customer to do that.

I'm just worried that I'm not considering all things, and don't want to screw up my cart.. Ha ha.


Thanks again. I"M GETTING CLOSE!!!! Check out the cart to see what I mean.



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That sounds easier than my method! I'll try it first, but I still think that since no one will be ordering less than 10, I should have a next button on the right hand side instead of the checkout button.

Thanks for your help. This forum has saved me.


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