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The e-commerce.

most basic installation question


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This is my first time in this forum.

I just downloaded osCommerce. I'd like to install it on my computer (Mac OS 10.3), and use it on my local testing server.


The installation "read-me" instructions says:


copy the 'catalog' directory to the webroot path of your webserver:




For this example, '/usr/local/apache/htdocs/' is used as the webroot path of the Apache webserver.


Do the same for the 'admin' directory...


There is no 'apache' folder or 'htdocs' folder in usr/local/ the only directories in usr/local/ are 'bin', 'mysql', and 'php5'.


I just don't understand where I should put the 'catalog' and 'admin' directories.


Please help.

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To run osCommerce, you need Apache, MySQL and preferably PHP4.


If you are using PHP5, be prepare to edit some codes. PHP5 is not completely compatible with osCommerce MS2.

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As I have just found out on my new Mac Mini (after installing XAMPP for Mac - and screwing up the default installation) you should already have an Apache server installed on your machine, which just needs to be activated by going to Preferences, and then Sharing Preferences, then (I think) Web Sharing.


I believe (don't quote me on this - still learning on a Mac myself) that the path to your documents folder is Library/Web Server/Documents


The advantage of the pre-intalled Apache server over the install I did of XAMPP (by accident) is that the Apache server that comes pre-installed will boot automatically whenever you turn the computer on - whereas I have to use the terminal to boot the server now.


However, there are some advantages to XAMPP which I have not fully explored yet (lack of time), and that is that it comes with Open SSL support built in, and phpMyAdminLite as well.



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