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Another SSL Question


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Please bare with me guys as i am very new to PHP and Webhosting. However i have 10 years technical support behind me. From desktop support to currently enterprise server support (ms clustering, raid, san, emc..etc) Keep in mind i am a hardware tech and never really looked into php or anything to do with webdesign.


In any case.. I am trying to get SSL working for OSC but i cant figure it out. When i go through the install and login to admin it says i am not SSL Secure.


I am using fantastico through my host.

My host also provides SSL manager that allows me to create Private Keys, CRTs, and CSR.


I honestly dont understand what these keys do and how they function but i created one each. Since then when i ftp to the site i see a new folder in my root directory called SSL and seems to have all the keys i created there.


Now back to fantastico.. During the setup it asks me the following with a field to populate:


Secure server hostname in case you use SSL. Only hostname (and username in case of a shared certificate). Don't add 'https://' and don't use leading or trailing slash.


I dont know exactly what to put in here.. I have tried multiple directory structures but none work. Still get not SSL secure when the install is complete and i log into the OSC admin section. (last dir tried was - secure.bluehost.com/~********). I was told i needed to keep the tilde in the dir and the preceeding would need to by my unix name.. whick is my root login for my host.


My host is Bluehost. I found this document: http://helpdesk.bluehost.com/kb/index.php?...bid=143&kbcat=3


Which has only confused me more. Please someone walk me through this a bit more please. I have been hammering this for a couple of hours now and getting a bit fluttered. :blush:


BTW.. i did search the forums for about 20 min and really didnt fin my answer. Actually maybe i dont understand my problem enough to know if i found the answer or not.. heheh if that makes sense :P


Thanks in advance!


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you need to have an ssl certificate for ssl to work, and that you have to purchase. a worthwhiel cert starts at about 50 and goes up from there. some are up there, depending upon the dollar value of protection you want.

so dont enable ssl unless you have purchased an ssl cert and installed via your host cpanel.

fantastico and ssl have nothing to do with one another.

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yes, you must purchase an ssl certificate. what you are generating is a crt request along with a private key, which comodo, verisign, etc will use to generate the actual ssl certificate you purchase.

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