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Shipping module problems, Help!


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I have problems with the shipping costs.

Here?s how I did:


- I installed the flat rate shipping module and put false under Unique Shipping.

- I installed the ?by item? module and put false for Shipping by item.

- I installed the module ?total price? and put true under shipment according to weight.

- I didn?t install the UPS and USPS modules

- I installed the table for shipping costs by zones and regions. I put 7 zones with 4 being EMS USA, EMS Europe, EMS Asia and EMS America Africa and 3 zones with economy rates.

- So for each zone, I filled in the corresponding row of this type 300:1500,500:1800,600:1680.


So after trying an order, here?s what I get:


Shipping method:


Choose your shipping method for this order.

Choose: Total price best choice 0Yens


Table of shipping costs by zone and region

Shipping unavailable for selected country.


I chose France for the shipping country.


However, I didn?t have to fill in the country codes according to the zones. But I thought that the 7 zones that I had chosen would appear at the time of confirming the order. The client according to his location and whether he wanted economic or EMS would choose the corresponding zone.


So, do we have to fill in every zone with the country codes which would be really long and tedious? Or is there another way? And could you tell me if the different modules are well fill in and if I have to add one or to uninstall one.


Thanks you very much, and sorry if my request is long but only this problem stuck the release of our shop!

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