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Download setup error


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When I setup a downloadable product I get this error below.

I have no idea what it means or what I need to change.

I have setup downloads in the past without problems,

Please help, Thanks Eangkarn


1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1


insert into products_attributes values ('', '28', '5', '10', '0.0000', '+')



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OK, Guys and Ladies, :-"


Does nobody understand my problem here, since no help has been given?

Yes, I am a 50% newbie (not 100%), I have helped some 100% newbies with there problem, whit issues I learned already by myself.


So anybody PLEASE, :blush:


Thank you, Eangkarn B)

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I give up, :P


Yes I am a 50% newbie, but have helped 100% newbies with problems.

Now I have a problem (the third ever problem post) and for the second time NOBODY even cares. :blink:


Well guess the forum is ONLY for experts,

like I have seen many times in other people/newbies problems. :thumbsup:


The experts help the experts but ignore newbies. :thumbsup:




Guess it is time to setup a new forum named NEWBIES, where newbies help newbies, and goodhearted experts want to help newbies. :'( HOW DO I DO THAT??????



REGARDS, Eangkarn :thumbsup:

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you must have patience and do not be negative (a real stopper if i ever saw one). this is an all volunteer forum, i guess you think you will get an answre immediately, with people bending over hand and foot to you. it doesnt work that way. if you dont receive an answer, per what the forum rules state, you should probably reword the question. your question doesnt leave much for anyone to go on. you didnt state if you have modified the table, you dont even list what fields are in the table. we can not know what your table structure is like for products_attributes. you have to give us a bit more information than what you have given. it is a simple step. count what is being inserted into the table, count how many fields you have in products_attributes, if the count doesnt match, you have a problem you need to fix. you never even stated when you are getting this . .


again dont be negative. i personally give someone one shot, after that, no skin off my back . .

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But I want to learn, so decided to put my free time in experiminting with the original osCommerce, and even a clean install gives me instant this error to setup downloads


The standard MS2 production osCommerce has 6 fields in the products_attributes table. It appears that the products_attributes table that you have on your system does not have 6 fields. Your insert statement looks fine but maybe you have a contribution installed incorrectly or maybe the version of osCommerce is a mix of the non production MS3 and code from MS2.


As john (mibble) stated, a little more info will help us help you. John certainly is an expert and has helped countless "newbies". Most folks at the forum that help don't know or care if you are a newbie or an expert. If you have a problem and they can help then they do.




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