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Credit Card Info...

Totally Lost

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Hi there,

When some makes a purchase from my new oscommernce website through there Credit Card: number and expire and all that info...where is that info kept?

And is it kept for long?....will I always be able to access that credit card info?


And..what do I do with it, I guess im asking what do you do with it? Do most stores out there have a merchant account and they input there cutomer credit info into there merchant account, or do they just use paypal (enter the customer info through paypal?)


Just curious....

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The credit card info is stored in the database WITHOUT ANY ENCRYPTION. Better is to use the facility of splitting cc number through admin panel. This way half of the nos are stored in the database and the other half are send to your email address.

Again as emails are not encrypted, you can used contributions available to encrypt the cc info. Also you card zapper contributions to xxx the numbers of cc as soon as you have processed the credit cart.

I guess, it is upto you to choose either merchant account or use paypal or any other third party payment gateway.

Do a search on cc issues...they are discussed in great details in quite a few places at these forums. I told you just some basics few basics. :)


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