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Three versions of a shop? Is it possible?


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Hi everybody. The subject of this consult is to konw if somebody could tell me if my idea is possible. I have already made a shop ready to be seen for the general public, but I would like to have too just the same but with different prices for another two groups of clients: resellers and profis, who would be able to enter only under registration. In addition, I want to give some technic information in special boxes only for these two groups, and not to be seen by the general public.


I have downloaded the module Total B2B but it seems so complicate to install and only in English (I work in Spanish). And I think it doesn't give solution to the differenced information depending on the group.


So, the plan is:


shopname/resellers (I provide them an Id username and password to access to this blocked folder)

shopname/profis (the same)


I have tried it by duplicating the /public folder and renaming to /resellers. When I write inmy browser shopname/resellers it goes, but any click goes again to /public and even I cannot change the prices because it's the same Admin Pannel. Logical! (this has been a stupid waste of time).


My second idea has been to create in my server a second shop called /resellers, and as it apperas empty, I have copied all the /public's folder in it. I have renamed the new Admin folder to use the copied one but it happens the same: it refers again to the /public shop. And if I use the new Admin folder it refers to the osCommerce Template given by default.


The matter is that I wouldn't like to create twice again the categories and products only because of a different price.


So the question is: is it posible to use the same products' information in two different installations and to manage them independently? And if so, how? (the rest, like new boxes, text files, etc. I don't care too much because the differences are very few and it isn't so hard as to create hundreds of products).


Thanks to all of you for your interesting and help and sorry if my English is not very correct.

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Unfortunately, it's not possible to do what you want, at least not without a lot of work. The best way to do it is just to have three shops and three databases. It will be more maintenance on your part but is the only way to do what you want with the current code.



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Unfortunately, it's not possible to do what you want, at least not without a lot of work.




Look in the contributions section for multi shop contributions. You may have to look into a few contributions to allow all of the functionality you require but it is 100% possible.

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