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I currently have an oscommerce shop that sells car parts.. However this week for some reason or another I have been inudated with over 1350 order at over $106,000 I dont think oscommerce can handle this amount of orders in this quick seccesion...or maybe I just can't keep up with it.. I am doing this buy my self, should I hire some one or what! Any suggestions highly appeciated.




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Why not ask family members tohelp out in the short term as this may only be a one off occurance, and so you would be hiring someone only to let them go againif things died downagain. Onthe other hand, you could hire someone from an agency in a week by week basis??? Depends if you want to pay them or not I suppose! (my family help out for free!!!)

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Complaining that you're doing good business? That must be a first!

Let's see - 1350 orders.

Assume each one takes 10 minutes to process... 13500 mins, 225 hours - working 12 hour days, it will take you 19 days to fulfil all these.


I think you need to reconsider your strategy.

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Of course some businesses out-source the order fulfillment. I suspect this works best for wholesale distribution rather than retail when there are large orders for a few products rather than the other way around though.


I'd be intersted to know if anyone is doing that for retail business.

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Skeptic that I am, and out of curiosity, are you sure these are all legitimate orders? None of them are to be shipped to Nigeria, are they?



Terry Kluytmans


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Add order total to checkout_shipment

Add order total to checkout_payment

Add radio buttons at checkout_shipping (for backorder options, etc.)

Duplicate Table Rate Shipping Module

Better Product Review Flow


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