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email issues


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I've searched the forums and have found several references to folks have trouble with oscommerce not generating email when it should. Most of the time it seems like not enough information is provided to help pinpoint the problem. I've spent a couple of days testing and would like to outline the issue in some detail and hope that someone can help me isolate the issue.


There are three places in the Administration -> Configuration -> My Store area for email addresses to be entered. (Store Owner Email Address, Email From:, and Send Extra Order Emails to:)


As I understand it, the Email From section is simply to provide a return address on all emails generated by the system. When an order is placed it is my understanding that the store owner is supposed to recieve a copy, the customer is to recieve a copy, and any email address entered into the "Send Extra Order Emails to" section are also to receive a copy.


It seems that if the store owners address is on the same domain as the store itself that the system doesn't send a copy of the email. If I send a test message to that same address using my regular mail client there is no problem with the store owner recieving the email. This doesn't make sense to me and I'm wondering if there could be something that I've overlooked somehow.


I've also found that if the addresses listed in the "Send Extra Order Emails" section are based on the same domain as the store those addresses are not receiving a copy either. I've used the format of NAME <email@domain.com> and seperated them with a comma.


I've tested each account outside of the catalog system and they each work properly. I've double checked all DNS and MX records and haven't found any problems there.


I can do a work around, but I would rather make the system work the way that it should. Any direction or guidance on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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