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Hi All,

There are lots of people who ask for reviews of there new shop.

I do notice in lots of cases, that they have REMOVED any and all reference to osCommerce in the footer.


Is it not a MUST to have at least Powered by osCommerce with it link to the osCommerce website.


It is free, so at least have the decentsy to have a reference.


Just a comment, Eangkarn

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No, it is not a must to have this.


To gain a peer review in the My Store channel, you must carry the text "powered by osCommerce" in your Store. It does not have to be in the footer. You can link using that text if you so wish.


The Copyright line must be retained in all cases if the look of the site has not been altered. If you use the "out of the box" install of osCommerce then Copyright must be retained. If you change a few colors in the stylesheet and add a logo, then in my opinion ** you must still attribute copyright to osCommerce.


To legally remove the copyright to osCommerce, you must fully change the look/theme of the site quite radically. Again, this is my opinion only **.


You can remove the powered by line without consequence, at any time, even if you have not altered the look. But then you would not be able to get a peer review in "My Store" channel in this Forum.







** Remember that Opinions are like a---holes. Everyone has one.

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