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The e-commerce.

Totally offline order processing


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Hi All,


A client is interested in having his shop re-created online using osCommerce.


He doesn't anticipate the site to be very busy in terms of orders as he hasn't much money to promote the site offline.


He was wondering if the whole back-end (in terms of orders, payment, delivery etc.) could be done offline without the need for his bank to get involved.


He already has a Streamline machine that he uses for transactions in his High Street shop and would like to continue using that for any orders received from the website.


I presume it's possible to do as we've been through the osC program with a fine-toothed comb. All I/he wants to know is a) is it legal to run a website shop without a merchant account and B) will it be beneficial for him to do it this way while the site takes off.


Many thanks,


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Bumping after 25 minutes.... patience is a virtue and bumping is against the rules.


Why would operating without a merchant account be illegal?

You can legally accept checks, money orders, wire transfers, COD, paypal etc.


The built-in credit card mod allows offline payments to be processed using a credit card terminal.


Without being sarcastic, "beneficial for him to do it this way " is really up to him.

It's also hard to provide an opinion with the limited information that you provided.




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the only thing that is really going to raise any red flags to the bank is when his number of keyed transactions start to meet or exceed his number of swiped transactions. Most likely in his retail shop - he is setup with a Retail account which means that at least 70% of his transactions are swiped ... there is nothing wrong with keying in his transactions to a terminal and many merchants do that - his main concern is this - swiping a credit card qualifies you for a certain rate which is lower because the risk of a face-to-face swiped transaction is lower - keyed transactions are downgraded and because of the increased risk of fraud are charged a higher rate - so if his transactions via the store start to increase and exceed 30% of his transactions then it would be in his best interest to setup his current account differently or else setup an additional account for all keyed business. If the issue now is simply a couple transactions here or there ... not a big deal.


If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to PM me. I've dealt with the merchant processing industry since 1994 and may be able to help out.


hope that helps!

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