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3d studio max for (2d) logos and fonts develpment


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It has been a while since I used 3dsmax. Although it is considered an 3d animation tool, I had used it for modeling purposes mostly a while ago. I would apply a background pic to a scene, model a logo with or without custom made font and save the scene as an image.


I am willing to start making logos when I have spare time. Probably most of the replies (if there are any) would advice me to use photoshop. But I was wondering if someone who has used both the softwares (and other softwwares of the same types) could let me know which one should I opt for? May be a combination of both?


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You're going to pay $3,000+ for a high end 3D modeling/animation application just to make logos in your spare time?

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I love both programs OEM Photoshop can be had for under 100 dollars and 3ds Max 1 year liscence can be had under 1000 dollars. Educational can be under 500 dollars. 3 ds max will take a considrable amount of dedication to learning and the curve is steep. #d max can create stunning graphics as well but only as stunning as the persons creativity is. No software will magically preform. You must have some creativity. Maya at 7000 dollars (another high end 3d program) will get you know where unless you have the creative ideas. Good luck. I have been using 3ds max for Three years now and am facinated with charachter animation. Alot of fun bringing a charachter to life! Good luck

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