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Error uploading Images


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Hi All,


When trying to upload a product or manufacturer image I get the error message:


Error: Destination not writeable




Error: Catalogue image not writeable: home/xxxxx/xxxxxx/retail/images


anyone have any idea what could be causing this?




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Use your FTP explorer... like you would when you wanna upload an image...


Go to the folder ..that is giving you Problems...


RIGHT click on the folder ...choose...FILE ATTRIBUTES


And you will see a "check-ed" list ...

owner permissions .. red-write-ectect

client read-write-ectect


Now at the bottom of that popup screen you have an input field..


with 3 numbers in it!.


Probably 644...or something likethat....


instead typ-in ..755

or 777 for full acces read write


Close the popup .. and you will now beable to upload.


Incase you are uploading with OSCOMMERSE ..filemanager...


Use an FTP explorer software first ..to set the fileattributes..then return to OsCommerce ADMIN ...file manager and continue uploading...

Every time you adda new folder you have to set the file attributes AGAIN for that folder.




If you do not have an FTP program ..or your's does not allow you to set FILE ATTRIBUTES in the right-click mouse menu




Go to:


FTP filezilla download


And download the latest FILEZILLA..program..

This is an FTP explorer that allows such attributes to be changed by you!




Let me know how that works out for you,



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I'm glad... my brain still works...lol!

Memory intact....


No upgrade nessecary...




Glad to hear ..thank ..for letting know...

no many actualy do ...



Enjoy...it was time well spend!



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