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Account approvals


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Hi everybody.. I'm not sure if what I'm looking for has already been done, but since all my searches haven't been successful I'll describe it here:


I want people to be able to create accounts but I want to be able to manually approve them before they can log-in and browse through the system. I was thinking of adding a property for each customer account that's either "Approved" or "Not approved" .. but I don't know how to go about this..


If anyone has any ideas at all, gimme a shout back? I'd appreciate ANY advice or suggestions!


Take it easy,



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YES there is an contribution for that .. I too have looked ..but came accross it by accident....It's called



login control

It's a really nice update..


Iam sure you will like it.

A customer can fill out tha application... it gets added to the database ...

but they do not have access until you actuall in ADMIN , next to they customer name... klik a green button...(same as products out of stock!)

Red is ..no-acces...

Green ..= ok shop till ya drop.


you can change it at anytime... on-off-on....off again...


Hope it helps,



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