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Password protection problem


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I'm not sure if this is a osCommerce problem, but I thought I would post it here to see if anyone else ran up against this problem. I'm also hoping that there is an osCommerce solution to the situation. Oh, my programming skills are very limited (none) so type slowly.


I sell wholesale. I don't want the general public to see my prices, so I have put password protection on the directory that osCommerce is in.


When a customer comes to my site, they have the option to click on a link to take them to the shopping area. The window pops up that says:


enter username and password for "Restricted Area" at http://www.company.com


The customer enters username and password and clicks ok. The osCommerce storefront comes up. Another window pops up that says:


enter username and password for "Restricted Area" at http://company.com (no "www" in this message)


I have one directory with password protection. That directory is www.company.com/shopping_cart That is also the directory that osCommerce is installed in. Why is the system asking for the user name and password twice? And, more importantly, how do I get it to stop?


Part 2 of this message is: Is there an easy way to hide prices from people until they log on to osCommerce? I would also have to not allow people to create their own account. I'm assuming that that part is an option in the admin section. As it is, my customers have to use two sets of passwords. One to see the store (password protected directory) and one to use it (the osCommerce password).


Thanks for your help.



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