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Out Of Stock Wording


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I want to change the wording that comes up when an item is Out Of Stock, but I cannot find the PHP file that specifies the Out of Stock wording. :angry:


Could someone please tell me where I can find it. :-"





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Try going to Admin > Configuration > Stock > Mark Product Out Of Stock - Edit to what you want it to say.

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Thanks, I tried that. But it still says something other than what I put there. Therefore, it must be somewhere in the code, too. It says something about "out of stock (the wording I put in admin.) and then "adjust the quantity" (I didn't choose this wording). Adjusting the quantity doesn't make sense when the item is out of stock. That's why I need to find what file the wording is in.



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Try /catalog/includes/languages/english/shoppingcart.php





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The message that appears at the foot of the product.info page saying when the product will be back in stock is great but I want to duplicate it or better still move it to the top of the page.


I'm not a PHP programmer although I've managed a lot of tweaks through trial and error but I just can't quite get this one right. I can get everything but the footer buttons: add to cart and reviews.


Can some kind person tell me how to do this please?



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