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The e-commerce.

Check me out please :)


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Why all the hidden text? Is it an accident?

If not, suggest you remove it, because you're gonna get spanked by most SEs othewise.


Was led to belive this was a way of getting better listing on SEs as the main is in flash and won't get grabed.

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Site looks pretty cool other than all that hidden text and whoever told you that it will help you get listed was mistaken. Search engines frown on that stuff and the only sites that do it any more are porn sites and warez. Not to mention all that white space kinda throws the whole site off... for people who don't realise there is text there it makes it look funny.


But I did like the look otherwise.

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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looks good, lose the hidden text will not do you any good with search engines, use your meta tags for that.


also check your page title, there seems to be an unneccessary ?:a there.

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