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2900 Products Disappeared!


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Between 2-4pm today, every single one of my products on my site disappeared. Sure, it could be because someone got into my admin, or even my phpAdmin, but I have no idea how to check.


My log on my website control panel won't be available until tomorrow, but right now it's driving me crazy.


Yes, I know I need to change the db password, and I need to figure out how to change the oscommerce admin and password.


I have no back-up from the site. Well, I have one from September of last year but I've added TONS of stuff to the catalog since then. None of the code has changed, all my contributions are there. The only thing changed is my product count is ZERO!


I upload religiously to Froogle and have a .txt file of all my products, links, images, etc. Is there a way to reverse the feed? To go from froogle (or just a .txt file) to my phpAdmin? This would restore the catalog and save me from re-entering nearly 3000 products.


Just when my website business was starting to pick up.




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Why didn't you backup? Try what Dacotah said, and from not on, backup everyday, if not even every 12 hours. My host automatically backs up all my data every six hours, so there is little time for much loss, and I do a manual everytime I add new stuff to my website.


Anyway, I hope you do get your stuff back, but there's really nothing anyone else can do for you if it's your fault.

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