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REINSTALLATION gone wrong.. need help


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my site designer upgraded osCommerce on me and then ran on me, now I am stuck trying to fix his screw up on my own, so any help is greatly appreciated.


as it stands right now, my store is browsable, but the issue starts when a new user signs up. it goes through fine, but only half of their information is available to me. for example, when i load my "users" from the administration section, i see entries for the new users, except when i click 'edit' the information there is blank.


even during the order, the site does not populate the customer data. I placed a small chunk of debugging code in checkout_confirmation.php which emails me the contents of the variable $order, like such:


  $message .= "customer:  " . $order->customer['firstname'] . ' ' . $order->customer['lastname'] . "\n";
 $message .= "address:   " . $order->customer['street_address'] . "\n";
 $message .= "           " . $order->customer['city'] . ", ";
 $message .= $order->customer['state'] . "  ";
 $message .= $order->customer['postcode'] . "  ";
 $message .= $order->customer['country']['title'] . "\n";


but each time, these fields are blank ONLY for new orders. the old customers can send orders through fine. it seems that this $order variable is not getting populated for new customers.


another thing, is that when you're checking out, if you try to change shipping addres sor billing address (shows blank on the site and when editing), it gives this error while submitting:

1062 - Duplicate entry '1-322' for key 1


insert into address_book (customers_id, entry_firstname, entry_lastname, entry_street_address, entry_postcode, entry_city, entry_country_id) values ('322', '111111', '111111', '123 3333', '11111111', '111111111', '2')




can someone please give me some pointers on where to begin? I am about to look at the orders.php class, but oscommerce is pretty complex with everything buried in templates and such, i am lost.


thank you! :-"

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