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good afternoon/evening


i am trying to get oscommerce up and running and i just cant get past page two of the instalation process, everything seems fine until it gets to the select 'import catalog database and auto config on page two it just freezes there: url error is http://localhost/install/install.php?step=2


also when i try all the possible work rounds i can find i come accross a screen page with what i hope is the ocCommerce catalog front page, however none of the links work at all, any ideas or solutions....


p.s i used the sql file to install the db manually so i am not to sure whats happening....



one last thing when i go to the local host home page http://localhostindex.php/ the catalog appears, however shoudn't there be a (.) between the locahost and index.php? is so how do i do this.....


thanks in advance for your support

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