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Another newbie looking for help on permissions!


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Installation a success but trying to change intro page and header etc. Followed the instructions and called up the "Define Languages" section in the admin and went to "English" and then "index.php" but get the error message:-


Error: I can not write to this file. Please set the right user permissions on: /home/motovel/public_html/shop/includes/languages/english/index.php


Permissions seem to be set to 755, what should they be and what others will also need changing? I assumed the default installation set these? Please help as I seem to be able to configure everything else via the admin apart from the text and banners etc. :'( <_< :o

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First thing is - you should not be using the osCommerce File Manager to edit files - it causes parse errors. You will need to FTP to your website, download the file to be edited, take a backup (just in case) then edit the downloaded file in a plain text editor like Notepad, or Text Pad or Crimson Editor (not Word or Wordpad). Then upload the file again, and if it's broke then restore from the backup you made.


Permissions on all folders should be set to 755, and on files to 644 (except for the two configure.php files). Provided they are set this way then you should have no problem providing you download the files, edit, then upload again.


The only time you may have a problem is if your server is not set up correctly and the files are 'owned' by Apache (the web server), in which case it won't matter what the permissions say - you won't be able to edit a thing.


You may also have problems if your site is being run on a server setup like PowWeb has where osCommerce is run as a cgi executable.



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