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problem with mp3 downloads...


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we sell a lot of MP3 downloads on our site. However, most days we have at least one or two customers saying that they either couldn't download their link, or that they could only download a small file which wasn't an mp3 file.


But the strange thing is that a lot of other people are downloading the same files successfully.


I was thinking that it might be a browser / download manager issue, but there must be some way to sort that out on the site rather than having to tell customers what software configuration they're gonna need b4 they can download!


I'm sure i've seen some similar queries on there before but i can't find them. Help would be much appreciated...

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Hi Dave,

As I understand the proccess, the download functionality of osC should work regardless of the browser. I've tested it using the major browsers. If it works for one customer, it should work for all.


The catalog/includes/modules/download.php file verifies

1. the file exists

2. the "max days" or "download count" have not been exceeded

3. the customer is permitted to download the file.

If the link does not appear for the customer, the problem may be one of the reasons above.


If the file is "bad" there may be several reasons, for instance corporate firewalls may replace or deny music files from being downloaded.

There may have been network/server problems.

Also, as obvious as it seems the original file itself could be corrupt.


I suggest that you try to purchase the same product yourself (from your production server) and see if you have a problem.

The browser info from the customer could help you troubleshoot.




P.S. If the problem is truly rare and the customer's "download count" is indicating downloads, maybe your customer is bending the truth a bit in hopes for a free download.

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Robert covered just about all I can think of...


There was a setup problem I encountered with IE whereby the downloads were failing. Luckiliy I was hosted on a Unix/Linux box and was able to solve the IE browser failure by setting admin->configuration->download->download by redirect to true. This will not work on a Windows IIS server.


Just some food for thought.



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I'm managing an OS Commerce store that does a lot of mp3 downloads and always have problems with the downloads being corrupted. Users can successfully download the zip file and unzip the mp3, but says it cant play the file. The originals and zipped versions are definitely good prior to download through OS commerce. I'm able to successfully upload and download the files through my FTP program without them being corrupted. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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