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Hi Everyone. I am asking for constructive advise on my site. There are a couple of concerns that I have. I have one of a kind and expensive items, what do you see that would make you hesitate to purchase from this site. I am also in need of some help with SEO. Any suggestions on what you would add or take away. I would also like to know or if anyone could help to make the checkout process easier for the customer. Thanks for your advise and opinions.


Antiques & Old World Charms

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nice site


good images and descriptions


i have to scroll sideways tho... :-( only a little bit tho


do a bit of this myself, but i go to car boots/charity shops etc.. and sell on ebay.


didnt know you had antiques in the US ;-)


good job





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I'm not much for antiques, buit I managed to spend some time looking through your site. I think it is very nicely done. For some reason, I'm getting a horzontal scrollbar on the bottom of the page even through there's nowhere to scroll. I only get it in FireFox, IE looks ok. It's always a good idea to check out your site in a couple of different browsers. Overall nice clean simple straight-forward look. It's refreshing after some of the insanely busy sites some people do.


Good work.

osCommerce is a great piece of software with wonderful contributions.

Spend some time in the contribution area. There are a lot of gems there.

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Nice site with good quality photos and nice detailed desciptions. Both are important when buying antiques. 5I didn't know the U.S. was old enough to have antiques. :D

1. In security and privacy policy....."Please note: Shipping charges are NOT refundable. Costumer is responsible to ship merchandise back to us.".......I would like to be a customer. Spelling is vital on your site. Copy and paste each document into a word processor to check for errors.

2. Very original to have a "sold items" category. I like it very much. It works for a site selling antiques. Excellent idea.

3. When I typed "not interested" into the box "Get our offers and updates". I was taken to a page thanking me for signing up to the newsletter. You need to add a bit of code to the script to verify that only valid email addresses are written in the box.

4. I looked up "French pottery confit pot" and found this phrase..." The It is solid" and ....You have a nice site there, don't let gramatical and spelling errors let you down.


Antiques are difficult to sell online, but your store provides an overall "safe, secure and honest" feel.



(site still in progress)

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Ahh I wondered who and why someone would put "not interested" as a sign up. I started to wonder if somehow I forced something where you had to choose. Mystery solved.


I would actually like to change the email sign up by altering the STS send to a friend where someone can add their email and then go to the next page with the email already completed in the field and keeping the comment area. Hope this makes sense. If anyone would know how to do this please let me know.


I finally downloaded Foxfire and see the scroll. I have no idea why this would be but will look into it. Any ideas on this.


Now for spelling... mispelling runs in the family lol, I will correct that. It would be great to have a spell checker in the admin. wow another step but you have a very important point.


Yes we do have antiques in the US. Some say a true antique is 100 years old or more some use more a more leniant (spelling) definition like 60 years. I believe the 100 years school of thought.


I am wondering something else. Do you find most people use a 17" screen 800 x 600 I use a higher resolution and think maybe I should make my pics a little smaller.


Another thing I wonder is any suggestion on SEO


Thanks for your comments


Antiques and Old World Charms

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'Foxfire' - dislexic too???


Great site. Good products and lovely photos. I saw an unusual feature on your site - view imgaes / view text and images. Did you code it yourself?

For me it looked good at all resolutions - unusual again that that should be the case.


I didn't register but the impression I get from your other pages is that you just accept Paypal. .Has Paypal become so well accepted n the USA that it can be your only means of payment?

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Hi Thanks for your commments

I used a contribution - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,112 to be able to list the items in a column and kept the original listing format and with help from Carine Bruyndoncx was able to get the links Show Images / Show Images and Text. The thread on how to do that part is here



I wonder... what gave you the impression that I only accept Paypal. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page it shows I accept I have logos for Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal. Also on the items page I have under the Add to cart button I have the words Order by phone: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, Check, MO.

Since I know people including myself tend to scan webpages I will have to figure out a way to make that more visible without cluttering the site. Any suggestions appreciated


Thank you for your thoughts


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My bad. The reason I thought is was only Paypal is that the Paypal logo incorporates plenty of images of credit cards just like yours does. I just checked to see if there was another image apart from the one that incorporated the Paypal logo and couldn't find one. I'm not sure this is something a customer might do.

I completely missed the 'Order by phone' though. Can you use Paypal over the phone?

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Opps I see something you called my attention to. No Amex logo. I see what you mean by Paypal logo since I can accept credit cards through Paypal but that was not the intent of the logo. I wanted to convey that I accept all forms of payment, Amex, Visa and Mastercard through my own merchant account and also accept Paypal, check and money order. I will put some thought into this to correct the perception.


You cant accept paypal payment over the phone but will also do something to make this more noticable.


Thanks for you thoughts


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I really like your website. Very neatly done. Nothing is cluttered which is very important.


I was wondering, how did you manage to do "ASK A Question" section on product_info page. Is there a contribution out there?


Pls. let me know, thank you.

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Nice, clean store.

I like the way the products are presented.


For leorulz

About the "Ask a question", I think there is a contribution for that.

I made this function myself by editing the contact_us.php


Send me a PM if you want the redone file to work on.



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