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Does QTpro v1.0 not update stock levels properly?


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I've installed the QTpro V1.0 contribution on my site and at first glance it seems to do exactly what I want it to :)


However, I have now noticed it isn't updating stock levels properly when orders are placed :( Far from ideal...


Some orders seem to reduce stock, but not all.. obviously this causes me quite a problem....

I noticed that in the 'Reports' section under 'Products Purchased' this was also not showing all orders placed even though under 'cutsomers' 'orders' they clearly show up.


I installed the Products purchased with date range contribution and my reports now work fine, but the auto stock level updates are still cranky. In the detail for the 'products purchased with date' contrib it states that "This report pulls information from orders_products instead of products to display what products have been purchased" is this the problem with QTpro V1.0? is it referencing the wrong field somewhere?


Also, it seems QTpro V1.0 contribution is the free version of their full retail product. Does this mean it's a crippled version that's not supposed to be working in order to force me to update and pay?


Many thanks in advance,


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hmm, not a very popular problem obviously...


Does anyone have a link to the paid for version? Google doesn't throw up any answers.... weird...


Or does anyone have a recommendation for a better contribution for handling stock of sizes and colours for certain items?



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