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Scrolling "Similar Products Box" with images


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as this is my first post here Im saying big thanx for all those developing and supporting osCommerce and contribs !


My upcoming page is still under construction and Im stuck in some minor problems that I couldnt resolve on my own so far, so Im hoping to find some advice here.


One of the best contribs I installed is the Scrolling Bestsellers with Images Box by justin@portalplanet.net.

It was easy to install and worx perfect with all tested browsers.

I guess Im not the only one who doesnt need the manufacturers -Box, so I had the idea of replacing this box with a Scrolling Similar Products Box


So far I renamed "manufacturer" to "Similar Products" in all php-sheets I found.

Than I grouped all my products using the former manufacturers, now Similar Productsfeature in the admin-module.

So I do have "Similar Products"- groups named "Green", "Red", "Yellow", ....

I assigned my products - that are spread over several subcategories - to this groups, than I replaced the former "manufacturers"-box with the "manufacturers_info"-Box, which includes a LINK that searched for more products by same manufacturer in the database. Now when looking at a product of group "Red" you can see a link called "More Red..." within the box and after clicking this link, all products belonging to this group will be shown. (this is similar but already faster and more comfortable than using search function)


For now its a nice feature and working, but...


What I want:


I would like to have these Similar Products of same group e.g. "Red", already be shown scrolling within a box when a user looks at a product of group "Red"


Example computer-store:


When a custumer looks at the latest ATI-Cards, he can see other graphic cards or whatever products scrolling in a box, not only from Ati but all products from different categories that the admin placed within the same group.


My php and mysql-knowledge is very poor. :(

I know it can easily be done using the "Bestsellers" contribution and replacing the database query that looks for the bestselling products with a new query that is looking for same "manufacturer", because the "Similar Products Groups" are still handled and named "Manufacturers" within the database.


The manufacturers-query is surely included in the index.php, but I have no idea how to combine this with the "Scrolling..." -Contrib.


If someone understood my complicated description I would be glad if this feature could be realized, I guess there are more people who would like it.


THX so far and in advance.

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