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Prices Not appearing???


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Please can somone tell me how to make the prices of my products appear on the real catalogue???


I changed the 0 as suggested and the list now reads as follows:


Display Product Image 1

Display Product Manufaturer Name 0

Display Product Model 0

Display Product Name 2

Display Product Price 3

Display Product Quantity 4

Display Product Weight 0

Display Buy Now column 5


But still no price appears on the real catalogue?? Any ideas?


Many thanks



If you can see the price in your 'admin' section, but just see a zero on your website then this is what has probably happened. If you have changed your default currency in your 'admin' control panel, then you need to go to includes/languages/english.php and look for 'USD' - this is the three letter currency code for US Dollars. You need to change this to the three letter symbol for your new default currency e.g. 'EUR' for Euro or 'GBP' for UK Pounds.


Download the above file, take a backup (just in case) edit the downloaded file in a plain text editor like Notepad, and then upload again. If anything goes wrong you can restore from the backup you made.




I went into the includes/languages/english.php looked for 'USD' and changed it to 'GBP'. However, when I checked my online catalog to see if it had made any effect, it showed only a blank page rather than the catalog.


I uploaded the original english.php file from a copy of osCommerce that I downloaded on my hard drive to replace the one I had messed with and everything is back as it was - including the problem of the everything being free!


Any ideas anyone???


Thanks Jemma

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