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The e-commerce.

Need desperate help with config please


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Hi, I am a noobee to oscommerce, and pretty green to editing php, but learning. If someone has the answer to this, if you could please walk me through, what php file to edit, etc..... thank you.


the options I am setting up refer to more than one model. they are all the same picture so I am grouping them together to prevent confusion.... in the product atributes I am building drop downs for each page lay out... I start with a base price and then adjust the price for each model either with - or + Prefix to reflect the price of each model. in the drop down that the customer will see however, it will show the -$ or +$ Prefix and amount to adjust the price so that it will be correct in the shopping cart... is there any way to hide this - or + $ Prefix and amount from the drop down all together so the customer will not see it? it looks quite confusing. for an example of the drop down please go to This Page


you should see something like ;

GSR-160-400 1-5 Rolls (+$53.68)

in the drop down.........


I desperately need to get rid of (+$53.68)


Anyones help would be highly apreciated.


Thanks ahead of time.

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