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The e-commerce.

What if I don't put "Powered By osCommerce"


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I found a site that clearly uses osCommerce as their web base. No "Powered By osCommerce" is seen on it. What do you do with those sites. I mean it would be not fare for you guys if nobody credits your work and uses this powerfull package.

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I think it is a nice site and it looks quite a bit different from the standard product so I guess they are borderline okay in not saying it.


Although I hate the top part of the design - it looks like part of the site has been chopped off. and they have some mistakes but I am not telling them!


Projects Director @ ozEworks.com

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Danilov is correct.


"Powered by osCommerce" is optional to have showing. If you elect not to show it then you cannot get your site reviewed in the "my Store" Forum Channel.


I prefer not to have this line on any shops that I build as I believe that outgoing un-necessary links harm your SEO efforts.




"Copyright © osCommerce" line is required to have showing if you are using the Stock osCommerce theme/look (eg 3 column, header, footer).


If you have altered the theme/look then you can remove this as the theme is your own copyright and not copyright of osCommerce. By altered I mean "made osCommerce look not like osCommerce any more" - a simple change of colours in the stylesheet with a new logo is not nough in my opinion.


In the Admin section, the Copyright notice must be carried at all times regardless of what changes you have made to the theme of the site.

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Thanx Burt. I still say killem! Killem all!! Oh hang on... I never put that tag line on either....


Praise them! Praise them all!!!



On a serious note - Aki - that menu is a contribution already. Well - at least there is a contribution that does that although i personally think it is slow to load and the fucntionality is crappy...

I had a blind date last night. Her name was :. .:: :.: .:. .::.


My contributions to the cause.

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