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Dynamic Attributes


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Here is the problem... Lets say you have a store selling photos.


Those photos come in 3 sizes - 5x7, 8x10, 13x19.


The photo is lets say $15 and when you hit the product page is says $15. There is an attribute drop down that defaults to "5x7". When you click the menu you see:



8x10 (+10)

13x19 (+20)


You have the sizes with attributes that increase price. All is good.


Now you add attributes for framing, matting, and mounting. Well, a 13x19 frame costs more than a 5x7 frame. A piece of 13x19 matting is way more than a 5x7 matting. Is there a way (without adding a bunch of javascript) to change the attributes presented for framing etc based on the photo size?




If 5x7 is the size selected the Frame attribute menu should say


No Frame

Basic Frame (+10)

Deluxe Frame (+20)


If 13x19 is the selected size the Frame prices need to be increased such as:


No Frame

Basic Frame (+20)

Deluxe Frame (+30)


The frames could be seperate products but then the user could be insane and pick a 5x7 frame with a 13x19 photo.


It could be Javascript but:


My fear is the issue of reading the change of the first size attribute choice with javascript. If someone disables javascript on their system then a mission critical pricing feature fails.



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