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Integrating OSC with content site


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I've been searching, and perhaps I'm using the wrong words. I hope that OSC will be the answer I'm looking for in a shopping cart, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around integrating it.


It seems that most installs use OSC as the entire site. I don't want to do this. I've long been building sites via Dreamweaver templates and PHP includes and having a lot of control.


I am launching a site that will sell furniture, and I want to have a lot of style and decorating articles.


Can I pull the information from the boxes like "new this week" and (especially) the categories box from OSC via a PHP include that I would integrate into my html code? Or is my only choice to have my "content" site, and then link to "STORE"?



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Hmm, I think I didn't understand the mod in the first place (apologies, like I said I'm in the market for OSC, I don't yet grasp it)


So I can use the infobox mod as an example of how to pull the content I want out, is that correct? I would need to change the example file so that it would access "catalog.php" or whatever the PHP file is that holds the catalog index information?


Thanks again.

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I haven't used it yet, but the concept, as I understand it, is that you can take infoboxes (you can put LOTS of things in a infobox) and put it on other non-osCommerce pages (i.e. ones that aren't formatted with application_top.php, header.php, column_left.php, <main content page>, column_right.php, footer.php, and application_bottom.php.


For example, I believe that you could use this to put a "specials" box on a phpBB forum, or a "manufacturers" box in a gallery or some other page.



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