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multiple sites, same database?


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I have a site that I'd like to split into two. Basically, I'd like to have two different "looks" for the same catalog.


I'm imagining the most sensical way to do this would be to create separate docroots and modify each to suit the separate "looks" that I want, but then point both of these to the same database.


So basically, I'm wondering if it is possible to have two copies of OSCommerce running but to use the same database. It seems possible, but I wanted to ask if anyone has done it or knows if this could work or might pose problems.




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Actually MySQL has a feature which may or may not be turned on, which allows a connection from other servers. If this is turned on, so you can connect, then it is as simple as using the same login info, and using the DB server IP address.


I have tried this and it works just fine from one server to another. I would suggest you test it from you second site (if it is on the same server then no issue at all). If you can not connect, then you can ask the server admin to turn this on for your DB. They may or may not do it for you for accross server connections.





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Peter McGrath


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As long as its on the same domain, but in different folders, there would be no problem.




I have two shops on two domains using two providers.

The database (the last chapter in configure.ini) is common, located on one of the two domains.

Works fine, I will however implement the multiple shop contrib, because the shops finally drift away...

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