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Unusual Problem With Paypal - No Payment


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I currently have a situation with one customer where they proceed through checkout payment with paypal and are returned to my return url. However no payment is received by me and no IPN is sent. Does anyone know of a situation where Paypal rejects a payment but still sends the customer to the return url? This is the only situation I can think that causes it. Another would be that the customer is possibly changing the url themselves in their browser, but I think this is unlikely as they have made several successful purchases and this would be their third attempt knowing that I notice each time, but it is possible. I have asked Paypal again this time but there previous response was to simply confirm that no payment was made. I have also posted here previously and it was suggested that I install the IPN, done that but still I have the problem. I wonder if possibly the customer has reached their spending limit. Anyway if anybody knows about this then some info would be appreciated so I can tell the customer what the problem may be.




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If they are claiming that payment was made then they should have received a confirmation email from paypal on the order and it shoud be showing up in their account. They should have an email from paypal as well as a id # for the payment in their account. Have them send you the id# and forward the email. You can then talk to paypal about the payment

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Hi thanks for the replies.


It is possible that the customer is hacking the data, but I dont think so, they have had many successful purchases from us and each time this has happend I have spotted it and they have taken steps to correct the problem, e.g. reorder.


The customer is not disputing payment. From what I could make from their email they are under the impression that I am refusing their money, which i am not.


Perhaps they are trying to cheat the system and I am too trusting. According to her account details she is 60, so fair play if she is cheating.

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Ok I have worked out what the problem is. The customer has reached their spending limit so paypal rejects the payment. Paypal still seems to send them to the return URL so it seems like the customer has completed the payment.

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