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Users redirected back to homepage from every link?


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Hello all.


My first post here. This forum has been a big help so far in helping me to get my store working properly and I have found it to be a source of great tips.


I've been inspired today to post as I tried searching all through the forums for an answer to a problem I am having and I am coming up short. It seems that several customers on my store are being redirected back to the homepage regardless of which link they click on - they can't view products and they can't even use the contact link. Has anyone experienced this before? I keep thinking it is a cookie issue, but I am not sure as it keeps on hapening. Here are 2 pieces of user feedback, any help or advice is greatly appreciated:


every time I try to look at something, it brings me back to the log-in. When I log-in, it brings me right back to the log-in. I can't even click on the contact us option to e-mail you. Any suggestions?


Whenever I try to click on an item, it sends me to the log-in page. It does this even after I've logged in! I just want to buy things, why won't you let me buy things!!!!


Thanks in advance!



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Clcik here for my store


I think it may be a problem with only certain browsers...

I have tried IE, Netscape & Firfox

Anyone have AOL to test?

Thanks again




I have the identical issue with AOL. It's an aol browser issue. I desperately need the same help, as we're spending a considerable amount on CPC advertising and the bounce rate for AOL users is like 95%!! - (The 5% is the few smart(er) ones that try it in a different brower)


Here is my site as well Flyer Faucet



My old site doesn't do that ( Flyer Faucet - Old Site ), and the only difference is that the Session is attached through all of the pages from STS with the $sid tag.


I'm assuming it's a session issue, does anyone have any ideas?

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