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Affiliate linking...Delays = Scam? or..


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We recently published our website on dec 24 2004 and have received a great response from our associates out there in the industry. We are currently compiling a list of links to put up that will reciprocate however recently I found a website that wanted us to have their link up first before they would link to us. This is common as this is actually working in the other direction to my benefit on other websites as this is an affiliate program joined by many many website owners. You can submit your link via their main center or via their website and wait 24 hours. As of right now we only have the one link up as the others are not ready for publishing. So , they are in essence our first link. They say to wait 24 hours for your link to be published, yet this was 3 or 4 days ago that we added them and patiently wait. We sent several emails requesting the status, until today we finally informed them that we were going to remove them do to non-compliance in the agreement. They replied back in 5 minutes saying : please wait a few more days, we are having computer issues :


Now I am not sure what that means, because we all know once you have your linkpage built which takes about 10 minutes if that, it takes another 3 seconds to add someones link right?


So are they having issues that are tieing up their time and they can't get to us yet? They have about 100 links on their website in categories - so possibly they are trying to get to all of them and their orders and customer service etc.




Are they just looking for a free link from us to get another crawl/hit form the spiders and aren't going to add us as we have NO PR rating as of yet?


Your opinions.



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