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Payment Help!


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Hello everyone,


I'm about to have a panic attack cause i dont know much about working this stuff, thus far it's been fairly straight forward but now i'm totally confused.

I have a few things for sale on my site, 1 of them sold today which was my first sale.. he paid by credit card. In my modules i'm set up for credit card, and paypal.. and paypal is set up with my information. Now his payment has gone through and everything worked fine. But i'm unsure of how to GET the payment.. i would like to recieve it in my paypal account, but i haven't recieved anything.. just it's like there is just money floating around somewhere that i can't access. I have no idea what to do and i'm freaking out.

How can i get this credit card payment into my paypal account?

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no he payed by credit card...


and once again sorry for sounding like a noob.. but where/how do i get a merchant account and/or gateway... i may already have it set up but i'm not sure what these terms mean.

my paypal is set up as a merchant account, if that's what you mean.

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if you don't know if you have a merchants account or not then you don't.

you need to have a merchant account to be able to accept credit card payments.

contact your bank. google merchant accounts. research before jumping in.


better contact that customer too and get right with him.

he can call his card company to see if it was charged for that sale.


seems all he did was send you a card number, and you are supposed to enter that manually...but seeing how you have no merchants account you can't accept credit cards.


uninstall the credit card module immediately.

go with paypal for your processor until you research your credit card options and weigh out which company/plan is best for your needs.

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ok thank you very much... i understand completely now.


But if he made the payment through his cc, and it wasn't going anywhere.. would he really still be charged, being that the payment didn't really go anywhere?


and once again.. thank you very much for all your help.

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If I understand you correctly he didn't make payment through his card. he just sent you card numbers.


He wont be charged until the numbers are run through a processor, either online through a gateway or like you see in a store's electronic card swipe or manually fill in the numbers on paper and mail to or call in to your merchant bank.


Contact your customer and get square with them fast.

They made an order and will expect to see a bill on their card and a package in the mail.

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