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The e-commerce.

Some General Support Questions pls


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Hi, Spent about last 5 hours reading thru the forums, KB etc learing about OScommerce. I've pretty much found out most of the things i needed but can find definitive answers to the following so would be greatful if anyone can answer any of them or at least point me in the right direction.


1) I have seen a cart that display dual currencies beside each product. Is that a contribution mod or is itn a hack to display the extra currency variable beside the default one. I can;t find any other way to do it.


2) I am going to have just one language, english. is the only way to remove the Language box on the right colum to comment it out? I just thought that if there is only one langauage you would have the option possibly via the admin to hide it.

Also I assume then if I have only one currency I need to comment out this box too as again I cant see how else I could do it.


3) I see on some sites too that when soome adds an item to the cart they see a "Customers who bought this also bought...." Again is this a contribution or default functionality. I just can see it in the admin. Then again after 5 hours its hard to remember what I saw and where.


4) For testing I just have the admin folder left in the default install postion but I never get asked for a login to access it. I dont see an are here either to set that up. How do I prevent logins. (When live I will move and rename it but I still want to have access via a username and password)


Finally. My target market will be Ireland and the UK and Europe. Should I remove countries from the DB I dont want to ship to and if I dont have their counties listed will that prevent them from ordering? Or can anyone offer suggestions on what the best way to set it up would be. I'm still getting to grips with zones etc. Ideally I like to have a shipping area for Ireland, UK and then Europe and finally rest of world but Rest of world would only be certain countries.


I say a contrib for a UK version of OScommerce too that has the european date format, UK address style. I assume I'd be better off using that as a basis to build my cart on?


All advice welcome.


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1) I believe there's a mod to do that, I'm not 100% sure of that.


2) You can remove the language box (or any box for tha matter) by editing it out of the column_right.php or column_left.php pages, within your includes folder


3) That's a default built in application. You won't see any data at first, because no one's bought anything from your store yet.


4) You'd need to set up an .htaccess file to password protect your admin panel. The software doesn't have one installed on it's own. Contact your host, they can help you with it, most likely.


The rest of the stuff on how to set it up and what to do, is entirely preference based.


Hope that helps!

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