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The e-commerce.

Craftsmans Gallery : site reviews please . .


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Too much yellow for me. Perhaps the background yellow can be softened.


I would have difficulty buying from your site because you have not much description about your products. Since you have all arty stuff, perhaps descibing where, what, who about the crafts would help.


Otherwise the site is good.





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Yellow background is way to harsh. Think about something easier on the eyes. Cooler colors such as the light gray blues and greens will most likely increase viewing time. You never want the background to compete with your content.

Read, read, read, test, read, read, test, read, implement.

Always back up your site and database before changes.

Always back up on a regular basis.

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Hi friendly reviewers


All feedback is welcomed on






1. Load speed

2. Layout and design

3. Product presentation  and

4. Anything else (your choice)


Many thanks


Sean :-"




My two rands worth


Change the default buttons to go with your general theme (main color)


You have a problemo with your ssl cert - I went to create an account and it gave me the dreaded you have unsecure items alert - you will loose customers by the veldt full if you dont rectify this one - I think you will eventually find it you have references to images or objects hosted on servers not secured by your cert


yellow background has been commented on and I agree - so say no more


Pet subject of mine again - your visitors do not all surf on 1280 x 1024 so cater for them and make sure they do not have to scroll left and right as well as up and down


Images are sharp and professional


Load speed not bad - but didnt have time to do a proper speed check





A kite flies highest AGAINST the wind !


"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, a lover in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming ~ WOO HOO!! What a ride!"

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As an ex South African myself, I had to take a look at your site.

1. I agree wth the other posters. The bright yellow is too much. Very bright colours in such abundance rarely work on the internet, unless you are selling sweets or childrens toys. As you are selling carftwork, possibly think of a more rustic yellow. If you want to stick xith yellow, opt for a for faded one, almost bordering on ivory and/ or beige.

2. In the header, the idea is right, but the gifs of lions head are a bit too dull looking. The idea is right, but use pictures of wild animals that are more realistic. The web has moved on from siple flat images. There are plenty of copyright free pictures of wildlife available.

3. Your ilages are nice and clear, but they seem to take a long time to load. I am amazed that so few people seem to realise that you can massively increase the quality and reduce the file size of images using Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks. If you do not want to buy theses, you can download 30 day trial versions. Thy are really worth it.

4. When I click on "my account", I get a SSL certificate error. Check that you have set up your SSL correctly.

5. You are using the stock buttons and they do not work with your colour scheme. Here is the address of a great site that you an use to make personalised OS Commerce buttons without the need for a graphics program.


6. Change the title in the "manufacturers" box to "Provinces" or "regions" so that it matches the content.

7. Your copyright notice belong to OS Commerce and OS Commerce is open source, so your site is available for everyone to copy pictures etc from. You need to keep the powered by oscommerce but change the copyright to yurself :P .

8. In shipping terms, change this sentance

"R24.35 for the kilogram and R3.15 for each additional kilogram or part thereof" to R24.35 for the first kilogram........

9. This "Two/Cent of the declared " to "Two percent.....

10. Surface mail in South Africa takes 6 weeks to 6 months. Things have changed since I was last there. :D

11. On a personal note, I would remove the *** requests since ****. In my humble opinion it is not very necessary in a modern website.



Good luck with you business



(Site in Progress)

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Hi There!


Just a few comments from a non professional... but from a potential customer.


1. I disagree with the color scheme comments from most others. I think it works for your site. It gives it an almost primative feel... but you need to continue with it and get rid of the blue oscommerce default buttons / images.


2. I agree that your product desciptions need to be much more detailed.


3. I see you accept American currency so I assume you intend on selling within the USA. My point of concern here is measurements are given in metric increments only which most Americans do not understand. We need inches, feet, pounds... or at least I do! :rolleyes:


4. Also, as a prospective customer from outside your country, I would like to see more background information on the products you sell. What makes them or your country significant... the meanings behind each piece... etc.


I will leave the comments on functionality to the experts... but I did bookmark your store to return to shop at one day! :thumbsup:

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