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New Info Box is not showing on right


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I posted under STS Contrib help and could not get an answer. I hope someone can help here.


I am trying to add an infobox for RSS News by editing column_left.php with this:



$sts_block_name = 'rssreaderbox';

if (SHOW_RSS_NEWS == 'true')

if (basename($PHP_SELF) != 'rss_reader.php')

include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'rss_news.php');


and then editing the sts_display_output.php with this:


$template['rssreaderbox'] = strip_unwanted_tags($sts_block['rssreaderbox'], 'rssreaderbox');


Then added $rssreaderbox to the sts_template.html



The box takes over the entire top of the page and forces others to the bottom. I then moved the code from column_left.php to column_right.php and it is now at the bottom of the page, but not in a box on the side as I would like. Can anyone advise if my process is wrong and recommend how I can resolve this issue? You can see the issue at www.adazonusa.com were I have also tryed to add a "add to favorites' box and have the same issue.


Please help or point me in the right direction. I have been searching the forum way too long......

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