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The e-commerce.

Change subject lin on e-mails


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I did a test order via a check or money order. And when it sent me the e-mail the subject says " Order Process" is there a way to chang ethis to " Your mydomain.com Order"



Thanks again!!!



Sorry for the massive help requests. Once the big game starts I will be out of sight. :D

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everything in your store is changable.

find the place where the email is created.

find the language file that compliments it.


your case needs - where is the mail generated?

checkout_process.php forms the mail argument.


look at how the mail is formed

all those TEXT_STUFF_WHATEVER are defined somewhere-

this is how osCommerce works to allow for multiple languages.


find the language page for the languge you want to change

open up the coresponding includes/language/WHATEVER LANGUAGE FOLDER

find the corresponding page. (your case would be checkout_process.php)

find the place on that document where the TEXT_WHATEVER_STUFF

you want to change is located.


change the part that is safely editable:

define('SOMETHING_TEXT_WHATEVER', 'this part is editable');


this is your solution to ANY text language changes you want to make.

if you can't find the correct BLAH_TEXT_STUFF

try looking at the includes/laguages/whateverlanguage.php

and in the includes/languages/whateverlanguage/whateverfile.php

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