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Newbie Help with osCommerce


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First off, thanks for the osCommerce software. It looks great so far and up until I messed it up, it was working great :) Well I got the oscommerce installed as part of my hosting package. It was installed, and I started customizing it with my company name, info, etc... I put about 3 or 4 hours into loading up merchandice. It all went wrong when I went to modify the index.php file to put my own text into the opening page. I knew no better at the time and used the edit/save commands in the osCommerce admin panel. Immediately I recieved parse errors. Having spent a while googling answers and reading here, I have learned that I probably should not have used the built in edit/save commands. I have tried opening the index.php file into notepad and looking for the error, but reading the particular "line 13" is making my brain fry. So now, I have downloaded easyphp 1.7 and here I sit.


What do you reccomend doing in order to get the osCommerce page up and running first of all and what program(s) should I use to edit the pages?


Are there and particular website and/or books that are decent reading for a newb such as myself?



Thanks in advance for all of the help,


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There are two good reasons not to use the online file manager.

1. It sucks and screws up your files

2. When it sucks and screws up your files you have no backup


First thing you need to do is download a copy of ocC from here so you can upload a copy of your index.php file that is not screwed up.


Then you need to find yourself a php editor. I use tsw webcoder (they do have a free version) but there are a lot of good free ones out there so you can do a google search and find one. You should have one that has line numbers and color codes.


Then get yourself a ftp program, again there are free ones out there so no reason to go broke.


Read the knowledge base and then go slow and always



The Knowledge Base is a wonderful thing.

Do you have a problem? Have you checked out Common Problems?

There are many very useful osC Contributions

Are you having trouble with a installed contribution? Have you checked out the support thread found Here

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You did backup, right??

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Thanks for the reply. I will start with your suggestions right away. I have the ftp program already and will get a good php editor too.



Just as a side note, I just finished reading the thread "IS YOUR PROBLEM ONE OF THESE ?, STOP BEFORE YOU POST !" and I read your response towards the end and saw your sig. I read it and just started laughing...... Backup Backup Backup.... dang I know I forgot something :D



I really hate being a newbie, but I will do my best no not act (much) like one :P





Thanks again,


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Ahhhhh haaaaaa....... I can see so clearly with my head removed from my bottom :blink: Lol



Ok the d/l copy of osC got me the required stock index.php file. My ftp proggy uploaded it, and I am back to where I screwed up.


I then read the Knowledge Base (see I'm learning) to find out how to setup and save a backup!.



So now its onto learning how to walk as they say. Thanks again for the help and patience.



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Just reinforcing Richard's comments on using online file manager, it does indeed screw up your files. It appears to be an easy way to go about mods, I have since learnt the hard way and now use simple old notepad to make any changes I need. Guess, I haven't had any problems since, other than those associated with my learning curve.

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