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I use paypal as my payment module.


Is there a way to totally bypass going to paypal for payment on a product if the price I set for the product is $0.00??


I sell ebooks. I would like to offer some of them up for free in the osCommerce cart. I would like to have the user order it, log into their account (or create a new account) and hit the checkout button. Because the item is free, I would like it then to go directly to the download the product option rather than goingot paypal to pay $0.00 to me.



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just install download manager contribution which comes with a module to detect 0 price.


The simply activate the module as one of your possible payment options. Done. any 0 price items will skip payment saying Free of charge

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I'm new to this cart and i download this contribution.




My question is it says in the text readme file

(Add the new configuration settings with the downloads_controller.sql file.)

I have no ideal what that means.

What is the right way to install this.A short walk through would be nice.

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You will need to have the ability to run SQL commands against your mysql database. This is normally done via the phpmyadmin program. Most control panels provided by ISP/Hosts will have this already setup for you.


Run phpmyadmin and go to the SQL tab for the osCommerce database. Then using the "browse" feature find the .sql file (downloads_controller.sql_ that you want to run and then click "go" (or whatever). This will add the appropriate database entries for the contribution. Then follow the remaining instructions in the readme carefully and go to the forum where ther is a a very active thread on support of this contribution.




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