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The e-commerce.

please take a look at my store


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Hi, your store setup is good; I just had a few thoughts I wanted to pass along to you.


Your information box category pages need to be filled in. In other words, when I click on, for example, "Conditions of Use", I am taken to a blank page.


In the "Free Delivery" info box, upper right main page, when you click on "Terms & Conditions", you are taken to a blank page.


The images didn't load for me in any of your categories, when I click on them individually.


Since you don't have any product reviews, you might want to remove this infobox.


You have some typos in your "Welcome to HTS" statement on homepage. (for example "HTS direct provide").


Since you only have one manufacturer, Sealey, you might want to delete the "manufacturers" infobox until you get more manufacturers, in light of the fact that Sealey is also listed in your categories.


In the footer, you have HTSdirect as one word, while in your "Welcome" section, you have it as two words.


If you accept credit cards for payment, you might want to put CC logos somewhere.


I would take "gender" and "date of birth" out of the customer registration process, as I don't think it's relevant.


You might want to make an "about us" page or something similar where you can show your business address. Some people are uncomfortable not knowing anything about a company they are going to purchase from...and sometimes something as simple as showing your address can help.


I can tell you put work into your store. You have a large product line and the layout is easy to follow, which is a good thing! I like the large search box in the upper right of the main page, as I find a large majority of customers find things they want through "search".


Best of luck to you! Have you submitted your name to search engines yet? Don't forget to do that...it helps! :thumbsup:

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You have a box expanding upon the fact that you have free delivery. There is a link in the box to see the terms and conditions. There are no terms and conditions.

I would love to know how you are able to ship such heavy goods across the U.K. free of charge. Can I use your shippers?





(site in progress)

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Header looks very nice! Good search engine integration, but i'd replace that search button with something a bit more clean/svelt.


Nice icons within the cat menu! You've got alot of infoboxes....I'd suggest removing one or two non-essentials, maybe remove reviews and put a link to your reviews within the information box.


You may want to personalize the footer a bit ;)


Good luck.

Carpe Carp: Seize the Fish.

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