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Is there a way to generate an activation key?


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I am rather new to the OS Commerce world and have been spending a long time going through the thousands of contributions but I have not yet found the functionality that I wish to use. We want to be automating/selling an activation key based on user serial number. Is there a way to do this.


Ideally the process would accept and verify a valid serial number, take payment, check payment status, run the key generation program (which would in turn place the key somewhere for downloading), send the user back a URL from which to download their pretty new key.


On a side note, with so many thousands of contributions it might be nice to make navigating them a little easier... for example sort by popularity, offer a rating system, offer a place for comments. I just do not know which contributions are good/bad/popular by category.


When I try the search feature I often find loads of buttons or some contributions that have components added to them... meaning I have to go down the list of uploads to find the base contribution.


Otherwise, the functionality is looking great. Thanks for any ideas.

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What is the activation key used for?



The activation key "activates" certain functionality in a device or software. This means that each key is valid only for a specific device. We could make a massive database of each key (in many cases) but would prefer to generate it on demand.


I think there is a download manager that will serve out the URL but I need to make a call to the key program to make their key.

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